Rock-a-bye, little papoose

Activity Instructions:

Pass out a quieter instrument. Allow children to rock gently in parents laps while sitting, or standing and swaying, or allow to play instrument. A calming moment to finish with class.


Rock-a-bye, hush-a-by, little papoose,
The stars come into the sky;
The whippoorwill’s crying, the daylight is dying,
The river runs murmuring by.

The pine trees are slumbering, little papoose,
The squirrel has gone to his nest;
The robins are sleeping,
the mother bird’s keeping
The little ones warm with her breast.

The roebuck is dreaming, my little papoose,
His mate lies asleep at his side;
The breezes are pining, the moonbeams are shining
All over the prairie wide.

Then hush-a-by, rock-a-by, little papoose,
You sail on the river of Dreams;
Dear Manitou loves you and watches above you
Till time when the morning light gleams.

Historical information:

by Charles Myall. from The progressive music series by Horatio Parker, published January 1, 1916.