Thanksgiving History

Activity Instructions:

There is an American Holiday called Thanksgiving coming up later in the month. We are going to learn a little song with some history about the holiday.


The pligrims sailed the sea in 1620,
6 sails unfurled, and powered by the wind
The Mayflower, she hit a storm
The storm it changed the ships due course
The ended far up north, not in virginnie

The pilgrims sailed the sea for 65 days
They landed in November, it was cold
The Wampanoag, they came along
they helped the folks at Plymouth Rock
They showed them how to hunt, and fish, and grow crops

The first Thanksgiving feast
was in 1621
to celebrate the first successful harvest
The coat-men and the Wampanoag
ate duck and deer, and squash and corn
at a weeklong feast, with games and tests of skill

Historical information:

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