Letter A – A Silly Song-Story

Activity Instructions:

Show the children a picture of the letter A. Talk about the things in the song story that start with the Letter A: apple, ant, archer, arrow, alphabet, alligator, then sing the silly story several times.


The ARCHER he AIMED with his ARROW
For an APPLE on top of my head
But I shook and I shook ’cause that ARROW was scary
and down fell my APPLE instead

Then ANTS who were carrying french fries
while singing the ALPHABET SONG
They put down their french fries to lift up my APPLE
ANOTHER friend, He came along

Chomp chomp went my friend ALLIGATOR
Well, it looks like no APPLES for me.
The ‘gator he snuck in and ATE my poor APPLE
It’s now in the ‘gators belly.