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Hi! :)  My name is Julie Halitzka. I’m an early childhood training coach, wife and worship leader. I have a Child Development Associate Credential, and a KY Early Childhood Trainer’s Credential.

Chances are that if you are reading this, you already know how beneficial music classes are for young children. Musical experiences in childhood accelerate brain development in the areas of language acquisition, reading skills, and mathematical learning. They also improve school readiness: intellectually, socially and emotionally, and help develop fine and gross motor skills. Musical skills help the body and the mind work together.  Plus, music for its own sake  – dancing, singing, and playing instruments – is fun!

Years ago, I dreamed of starting early childhood music classes, but when I researched the existing options, I was disappointed. Most teacher training programs were expensive, involved selling instrument packs, and were meant to be short-term classes, only 8-10 week sessions at a time. 

SO, I created this music curriculum that I used fulltime for almost two years. Now , I’d like to share it with you.

I love seeing my young students respond with giggles and delight during peek-a-boo songs, tapping their instrument to the beat for the first time, singing along with me, and even composing lyrics, rhythms, or melodies!

– Julie

"I went through the Online Teacher Training and I love it! You have done such an awesome job... I definitely feel like this is something I can do." - CarolLynn

Get Rockin' Rhythms

Video Tour of our Interactive Web Portal

Our curriculum package includes

Web Based Curriculum

Use the music curriculum from anywhere, from any device that has internet access.  Each of the 600+ activities in the lesson plans includes directions, lyrics, audio or video example of the activity, and printables. 

Video Trainings

Our Curriculum Overview course is an hour long collection of videos that talks through each level and each type of activity contained in the lesson plans.

Fun Original Music

Kids love our fun Rockin’ Rhythms originals, like Old McDonald had a Zoo, and Rockin’ ABCs. 

The Rockin' Rhythms Advantage

I want to see lots more of the next generation develop an early love for music! Whats the advantage to teaching Rockin’ Rhythms?

  1. Join today, start teaching tomorrow.
    There are no expensive teacher training to wait for and travel to, and no vocal tests to pass.  Our curriculum is available instantly when you sign up.

  2. Teach and learn anywhere.
    The curriculum is entirely web-based – teach and use the curriculum from anywhere you have an internet connection. The curriculum portal works on desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones.

What Parents Are Saying...

Music is language acquisition. My toddler is 19 months old and his vocabulary has recently exploded.
We’re intentional at home, but this gives us a much needed outlet to get out and have fun while learning.
Chrissy Bramer and Graham

We love the way Rockin’ Rhythms music class combines movement with music theory.
My child is learning music fundamentals while playing.
Carrie Coombs and Elijah

Between instruments, singing, games, and dancing, there is always something to engage my child. And the music is well thought out and unique. I look forward to the class as much as my daughter does.
I love sharing this learning experience with her.
Elizabeth Carver and Eliana

Get Access to These Valuable Resources!!!

Your Monthly Membership will give you access to our music curriculum, training content, and our community, including:

  • 136 lesson plans, with over 600 activities, including directions, example videos and .mp3 files and printables in an easy to use, interactive web portal you can access from anywhere – $3400 Value!
  • Online Video Training Courses, including the hour long Curriculum Overview Course – $1000 Value!

That’s $4,400 of curriculum and content for a FREE. 

EVERYTHING is included! This is the most complete, most affordable, easiest to use early childhood music curriculum that you will find.

Get Rockin' Rhythms

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all four of the age groups included in the cost?

Yes! When you sign up, you get plans for:

  • Baby Rock (ages 0-1.5 yrs)
  • Tot Rock (ages 1.5-3 years)
  • Kid Rock (ages 3-6 years), and
  • Family Rock (for siblings ages 0-6 years)

Do I need to buy instruments?

You don’t NEED to buy anything. However, instrument play is GREAT for fine motor skills, so using the instrument activities will have great benefit for your kids. Since repetition is key for our young learners, each lesson plan is used for 3 weeks at a time, so you can invest in your instruments and supplies gradually rather than all at once. 

Do I have to be an amazing singer?

No! You don’t have to be Beyonce! Just sing with a strong, clear voice, so that children can match pitch. 


What are you waiting for? Bring the joy and benefits of music to your little ones today!