Dinosaur Egg

Activity Instructions:

Use dinosaur puppet. Start with egg covered with a few scarves. Use track for this one. Repeat if desired.


|: Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Dinosaur Egg
In a nest in the ground, covered with plants
Hangin’ out with up to 21 eggs!
Dinosaur, Dinosaur Egg

Out popped the dinosaur, out of his egg
He’s a little tiny baby, but he grew up fast
The “Terrible Lizard”gained 30 pounds a day
Dinosaur Dinosaur Big :|

Dinosaur Dinosaur Big x3

Historical information:
  • Dinosaurs gained up to 30 lbs a day, growing as fast as whales. They doubled in size in their first 6 weeks.
  • The biggest dinosaurs were plant eaters.
  • Dinosaur actually means terrible lizard, referring to the dinosaur’s size.
  • Dinosaurs would have crushed their nests if they sat on them, and likely covered the nests with plants to keep them warm.
  • They laid up to 21 eggs in a nest, hoping that at least a few would survive the predators and hatch.