Lullaby Castle

Activity Instructions:

Introduce the lullaby. Parent’s may sway or rock with their babies during the song, sitting or standing.


Lullaby Castle is strong and high
With turrets that soar to the purple sky
Lullaby Castle is strong and great
With a drawbrige and guards and castle gate
The stairs wind up and the stairs wind down
At Lullaby Castle in sleepy town

All the babies of the world
Babies straight haired and babies curled
Babies dark-skinned and babies fair
All the babies from everywhere
Black-eyed and blue-eyed and grey-eyed and brown
Know lullaby castle in sleepy town

When the clock ticks down to the sleeping hour
With drooping eyelids, and yawning mouths,
Over the drawbridge and through the gate
They travel early, they travel late
Down the hallway – up the stairs
To the nursery room they know as theirs

The beautiful room they know as home
Where the nightlight shines in a room their own
The babes snuggle in to their blankets of down
At Lullaby Castle in sleepy town

Historical information:

Adapted from a poem by Blanche Mary Channing, published in 1904.