Mr. Alligator

Activity Instructions:

Share some alligator facts from the song with the kids. Then sing song, using puppet chomping his teeth to the beat.
At the end, ask Mr. Alligator if he will be nice? Not eat the kids? Then give alligator kisses if desired.


Mr. Alligator, was swimmin’ in the swamp
Mr. Alligator says hello! Chomp Chomp

Mr. Alligator, he’s a reptile
Look at all those teeth in his great big smile

Mr Alligator he can really grow in size
10-15 feet long , over 1000 pounds!

Mr. Alligator, He was almost extinct?
C’ya later Alligator
Thanks for not eating me!

Historical information:

Some alligator facts: 

  • Alligators have up to 3000 teeth over their lifetime – 80 at a time.
  • They are reptiles.
  • They grow up to 10-15 feet long.
  • They can be over 1000 lbs.
  • They travel at up to 15 mph.