Roll the Ball (Row Your Boat)

Pattern 04, Tempo 8


Activity Instructions:

Pass out balls to children. Practice tapping, bouncing, and rolling the ball to a friend in pairs,, then sing the song as the children follow the movements in the song.


|: Roll, roll, roll the ball, roll it to a friend,
Roll the ball to and fro
Roll ’til this song ends :|

|: Tap, tap, tap the ball, tap it with a friend
Tap it fast, and tap it slow,
Tap ’til this song ends :|

|: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce the ball
Bounce it with your hands, 
Bounce the ball in front of you
Bounce ’til this song ends :|

OPTIONAL ADDITION (courtesey of Maymie in my Friday class -sit on ball and bounce)
|: Bounce, bounce, bounce the ball
Bounce on your bootie!
Bounce, bounce, bounce the ball,
Bounce on your bootie! :|